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We Want You To Enjoy Using The Hall But We Have To Set Some Rules That Protect You, Us, Neighbours & The Hall

Do you have a kitchen - Yes fridge and conventional oven, no microwave

Can we have a bouncy castle? - Yes but additional charges apply, see rates

Is Parking Free? - No, see Parking

Can we come in early to set up? - No you have to allow that within your booking.

At what time do we have to leave? - You have to leave the hall at the time you have booked to.

Can we put things on the walls? - Definitely NO, NOTHING CAN BE PUT ON WALLS.

Do you allow teenage parties? - No parties for teenagers or under 25's.

Can we bring our own drinks? - Yes, 

Do you have a bar? - A licensed bar can be provided.

What is the latest time that we can stay in the hall to? - 0100 

What is the latest time that we can have music to? - 2400. We are in a residential area, bass noise is the biggest problem for our neighbours. NO extention will be given to the music cut off time. 

Is there an outside area? - Yes, there is a small patio outside the kitchen that should be used as a smoking drinking area. The party has to stay within premises boundaries.

Are there any other rules? - YES! Please read the terms and conditions. They apply to all.

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