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Office Opening Hours for Hall Bookings

Monday – Friday 10.00am-9.00pm: 

Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm:

Contact 07498 470668 KATIE.

or email all enquiries to:


Hall Capacities

The attention of hirers is drawn to the maximum capacities:

Seated for Concerts/Theatre seating rows                     130

For Dinner layout (no additional floor space)                 100

For Parties/Dancing (no table layout)                             130


Hall set up/layouts can be accommodated and your requirements need to be advised at least 1 week in advance. However, an additional charge may be incurred for the set up and clear down of your event.






If you are bringing in Alcohol to sell at your event, you

MUST contact the Council and apply for a TENS

(Temporary Events Notice) licence. Details can be found online at : or call the Borough

of Broxbourne Council offices on 01992 785555.

If using an external mobile bar company please make sure they apply for a TENS on your behalf.


Ticketed Events (charity or otherwise): If it is an event where you are supplying alcohol free but have charged an entry fee / sold a ticket, you must still apply for a TENS licence.

Bar Area Facilities: The bar area has a small under- counter fridge and sink. There is also a roller shutter hatch window, allowing you to serve from the counter.






The kitchen area has counter tops, fridge and kettle/urn.  

We would strongly advise that any food preparation is done before your event and ready plated.

You will need to provide all cups, glasses, cutlery, rubbish bags etc.





Backstage Facilities

Along the back corridor, behind the stage area, there are 2 small dressing rooms with mirrors and wall lighting, Female toilets and Male toilets, as well as a storage room which, on request, may be used during your booking.





Regulations For Hiring  ‘The G.O. Hub’.

  1. Charges

  1. A Deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the date/time. The remaining balance is due no later than 4 weeks prior to the date of your booking.                           

  2. For bookings made within 4 weeks, full balance must be paid immediately.  

  3. Charges are reviewed annually and price increases take effect from the 1st April. If a price increase takes effect between the date of payment and the date of the booking, the hirer will be liable to pay the difference. – Please enquire if this may affect you in advance.

  4. A penalty charge of double the hourly rate will be levied for every 30 minutes that the hirer remains on site beyond the agreed booking time.

  5. Cancellations

  1. Cancellation must be confirmed by email to  Verbal notice will not count.

  2. In all cases the deposit paid is non-refundable.

  3. For cancellations made in excess of 4 weeks prior to date of hire then the deposit is lost but any other monies paid will be refunded.

  4. For cancellation less than 4 weeks before the event, full payment is due.

  5. The GO Hub may refuse or cancel any hiring without notice and refund any charges made if they wish.                              In the unlikely event of a hiring being cancelled under this Regulation, the hirer shall not make any claim nor shall the Council be liable for compensation for any loss or damage sustained directly, or indirectly, on account of such cancellations.

  1. Transfers

Providing a request is received by email at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the hire, the booking may be transferred to another available date within 2 months after the original booking date.

  1. Regular Hirers Bookings

On return of the signed contract, the hirer shall be invoiced for the first month and monthly thereafter. As a regular hirer you are agreeing to pay for your scheduled bookings one month in advance. Invoices are still due and must still be paid, even if the hall is not used for any reason that is out of the control of the GO Hub (i.e. cancellations/inclement weather).

  1. Deposit Against Damage

A cash damage deposit will be required, to be held against the cost of repairing, or replacing, any damage or loss caused to the hall or equipment therein. If the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the damage deposit, the hirer will be liable to pay the additional amount. The cash damage deposit is due 4 weeks prior to the function. Providing no damage has occurred during the function, the cash deposit will be returned to the hirer at the end of the event.

  1. Prevention of Damage

  1. The hirer is personally responsible for the conduct of all persons attendance at the function, and for ensuring that proper order is maintained, not only during the period of hire, but also during the preparation for and at the conclusion of the hire. No nuisance or annoyance is to be caused to local residents in consequence of the hiring.

  2. Under no circumstances may persons wearing heavy boots, Heelies, Irish/ Tap shoes, roller skates or other footwear which may cause damage to the floor be admitted to use the hall when it is hired for any function.

  1. Changes to your booking

Any changes to your hall hire options must be given with as much notice as possible. Please call the office direct to discuss these changes  07498 470668.

  1. Admission

The Management reserve the right at its absolute discretion to refuse the admission of, or evict any person from, the facility.


  1. Outside Catering / Entertainment / Bar services

  1. Outside catering may be used, although additional heating/cooking appliances are not permitted in the kitchen. You must clear with the management what you are intending to bring in and state the name of the company providing the service to you for insurance purposes. This is a legal requirement.  

  2. If you are using an out sourced entertainment company we will require full company and contact details at the time of booking.

  3. Bouncy Castles – MUST be under 10ft in height inside the hall and they must be place on a mat to protect the floor.

  4. Please check with the company what their approx. set up time/clear down times are as this will need to be included in within your booking time.

  5. We do not allow: Animal parties, hay bails, bikes, roller skates, car or train tracks to be used inside the premises.

  1. Notices / Decorations

No Notices of any sort shall be affixed to any part of the GO Hub- interior or exterior, or the adjoining premises except on the notice boards. The hirer shall may not drive nails into, any wall, floor, partition, pillar, platform, door, or other fitting or furniture, any nail or other article or do any injury to, or spoil, or damage the exterior or interior of the premises, not shall any sellotape , blue tack or similar product be attached to walls or paintwork. Please note you may not use confetti inside the hall. Failure to abide by this will mean a charge will be implemented.


If you wish to put up banners externally, you must consult with the Council and planning office before doing so.

Failure to seek permission will incur a charge and an additional sum may be levied for the cost of any such advertising. All permitted forms of advertising must also be removed by the hirer immediately the event.

  1. Alterations

No structural alterations or works of any kind (including alteration to the lighting, heating or cooking arrangements) shall be carried out to, or on, the accommodation, or any equipment contained therein, except with .

  1. Right of Access

  1. The management of the Hall – ie. Mayhem Theatre Arts staff -   must be granted access to the hall at any time should they need to for the purposes of ascertaining whether these regulations are being observed and for any other proper purposes. Ticket takers and other persons concerned with the organisation of the hiring must be instructed accordingly.

  2. The hirer must hand over the accommodation personally to the management’s representative and the hirer’s responsibilities as set out in these regulations will continue until such handover is completed.

  1. Sub-letting

The hirer may not sub-let, or assign the benefit of any hiring, and will be held personally responsible for the observance of these regulations and any further, or special conditions, which may be imposed by the management.

  1. Exclusion Of Liability

MTA Management, its officers and staff accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of any damage to, or loss of, property or articles or anything whatsoever placed in, or left in, the accommodation or any part thereof by the hirer, or for his use of purpose, or places in or left on the accommodation, or any part thereof by any person attending the hiring. howsoever caused, whether or not arising as a result of any negligence on the part of the MTA Management, its Officers or staff.

  1. Indemnity

The hirer shall indemnify the management in respect of all actions, claims, damages, penalties, expenses and demands arising out of, or in any way connected with, or as a consequence of the hiring or any accident, loss, damage or injury to any person or property whatsoever. The hirer should obtain suitable insurance for themselves, or the event in question.

  1. Application

Application to hire The GO Hub will not be considered more than 24 months in advance of the date required.


  1. Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

The hirer shall, as soon as possible, notify the management of any accident occurring whereby any person suffers any injury whatsoever, or there is any damage to the hall or its facilities.

  1. Stage, Backstage and Dressing Rooms

The Stage, Backstage Areas and the dressing Rooms are strictly non-smoking areas. Members of the public are not permitted to enter the stage, stage areas and the dressing rooms.

  1. Music Copyright Licences

The hirer shall make any returns required by the Council in relation to obligations which it might have to a music copyright licence holder. Any charges for the performance of musical works in the repertoire, or the Performing Rights Society, or arising under Phonographic Performance Licences will be recharged.

  1. Special Conditions

The MTA Management reserves the right to impose any further conditions, or special conditions on any hiring, provided that notice thereof is given to the hirer by the MTA Managementnot less than 24 hours before the commencement of the hiring.

  1. General Conditions

The Hirer agrees that the hire is subject to the renewal by the authorities concerned of such entertainment and other licences, consents or permits as may be applicable, and to such conditions, restrictions and requirements as may be imposed there under, and that if for any cause licences shall be renewed or shall be suspended or determined (whether in whole or in part) the hirer shall not have nor shall he make a claim upon the Management for compensation in respect of any loss or damages sustained by reason of the non-renewal, suspension or determination of the Licences, or any suspensions or determination of the hiring consequent thereon, or upon making of any rules or conditions there under, or by reason of any rules or conditions which may be made there under.

  1. Unacceptable Bookings

The MTA Management have the right to ask the nature of the event at the initial enquiry stage and also hold the right to refuse certain bookings. Any hirer who ignores this decision will be from the Hall fora period to be determined by the MTA Management.

Teenage Birthday Parties – Teenage Functions/ parties will only be accommodated if strict guidelines are agreed to at the time of booking. All hirers should provide an accurate description and full details of their function on their booking form. If false information regarding the nature of the booking is provided, the hirer will be liable to pay a fine of £100 and lose their damage deposit also. 

  1. Extra Facilities

Additional staff are available (for some events they are ) at an charge.EG: Teenage parties: Security Doorman , General Manager, Additional Cleaning,

General events: General Manager, Additional Cleaning, set up/down charged (especially at events where alcohol is to be consumed)


In the regulations the following expressions shall have the meanings ascribed to them as indicated hereunder:-

‘MTA Management’ shall mean The Mayhem Theatre Arts Management

‘The Accommodation’ shall mean any of the facilities available to hire at The GO Hub hall Venue‘The hirer’ shall mean any person who has applied for and been granted a hiring of The GO Hub‘The hiring’ shall mean (except where the context otherwise requires) the function or other event in respect of which the hirer has hirer the accommodationThe hirer will observe all conditions and restrictions as may be prescribed by an Act of Parliament, Bylaw, Regulations to Licence in relation to the accommodation or the use thereof including regulations made by the MTA Management and will keep indemnified the MTA Management and any person in whose name any such Licence may be held on their behalf against any penalties, damages costs, claims, actions and expenses that may be incurred by them, or him, owing to the breach, non-observance or non-performance of any such condition and restriction as aforesaid.





























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